The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a real estate crossroads, representing the junction within its latin and Germanic parts. Stable, business-friendly and always growing, this is the place where you will create your success, as our existing agencies did it, thanks to what Luxembourg offers:

  • A 60% demographic growth between 1990 and 2020
  • World highest GPD per inhabitant (data from FMI)
  • More than 170 nationalities
  • Part of the most transparent countries (according to transparency international:

The real estate sector

Real estate has always been considered as a safe investment. You will not find this value anywhere else, as our data below demonstrate:

  • In average, transactions are 700.000€ high, and 1.000.000€ high for houses in Luxembourg in 2020
  • RE/MAX Luxembourg closes a transaction every 6 hours
  • Properties are sold in less than a month
  • In 2020, the average rent is 1616€ for apartments and 2963 for houses
The real estate sector