Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a real estate agency is an adventure that must be carefully prepared. Here are our first answers to your interrogations.
Because you work alone doesn’t mean you have to eb alone. Our franchise network built on nearly 50 years of experience provides knowledge, know-hows, standards, methods, tools and more so you can focus on the key aspects of your business: management, marketing, and sales.
Not at all! Your experience matters but it does not need to be in real estate. What is important is your ability to make difficult decisions, follow standards and protocols, and simply work mart and hard. Should you have these qualities, you’re only one step away for your future success.
Beyond the initial training to learn about to run an agency and build a team, we provide numerous online training and regular face-to-face training through conventions, conferences, and other events as needed.
Franchisees benefits from exclusive management, marketing and partnership tools, negotiated by RE/MAX on their behalf, allowing them to launch and develop their business quickly. Should you want a tour of them, feel free to complete our form available here.
No worries, RE/MAX recruit at all times. Please fill the form available here and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.
None that we can think of. A lot of our current franchisees are not from Luxembourg as well, and best practices, motivation, and respect trumps knowledge of the country. This part can be learnt easily.
We got a map of locations with potential. Take a look here.
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Schedule your appointment right now!