Our quality standards

RE/MAX mainly stands out thnaks to its numerous quality standards. Our worldwide success is also due to them, until we became leader in our field. Our standards encompass …

  • a follow-up is done within the next 3 hours after the first contact. Our counsellors work on their skills through regular training, so as to improve their reactivity and expertise.
  • If necessary, we communicate on all of our networks. The follow-up must be quick, so we consider every possible way.
  • We keep sellers and buyers updated every day.
  • The cooperation within our counsellors distinguishes us from our competitors. By benefiting from the cooperation between RE/MAX counsellors, you benefit from a portfolio of properties and potential buyers, shared with the 16 agencies in our network. This helps generate more transactions, and quicker.
  • What do customers expect from their counsellors? Professionalism and speed. For this reason, our agents do their utmost to answer visit requests as fast as possible. This way, they are more likely to offer a visit date in less than 24 hours.
  • Counsellors does not step in for the sale only. Our RE/MAX counsellors stand by their clients’ side (buyers, sellers or landlords) all along the process.
  • Our counsellors accompany their clients until the end of the sale, especially support in every step of a property sale/buying/rent process.
After sales
  • Our customers’ opinion counts! We always take time to review their satisfaction level, because we aim to always offer them optimal services.

Our Technology

RE/MAX has its own technological tools, enabling both to acquire and to maintain a competitive advantage. Our RE/MAX platform, iConnect, gathers all these tools, its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use. These tools include: …

Here is a non-exhaustive list of tools that the RE/MAX network uses:

  • iConnect: this is your company’s portal and checkpoint, where you can instantly find your key-numbers.
  • iList: the professional tool for:
    • manage efficiently a contact database encode the properties which your counsellors obtain the mandate for, in order to ensure good visibility favor cooperation between counsellors/agencies through a recommendation system and the use of confidential notes.
    • optimize you time thanks to automatic notification system, addressing to potential buyers, regarding any updates or new properties encoding. Say that a counsellor finds a buyer. In this situation, the “Buyer Matchs” enable the counsellor to find the property that aligns with the buyer’s needs, based on the latest registrations in the network. Hence, more leads are generated and this helps multiply properties visibility listed for buyers.
    • Generate and order communication tools (flyers, pamphlets, business cards,…) instantly thanks to our professional tool, Marketing center. It does not require knowledge in Graphic Design.
  • Maxcenter: the worldwide intranet which includes the RE/MAX University. This is an online academy where you can find hundreds of trainings, taught by the best of the 135 000 RE/MAX agents.
  • MAXMATCH: an extremely powerful tool for customer satisfaction. You find a seller but they do not know who to reach to sell their property? Show them our network power thanks to this tool.
  • The Marketing Center: an easy-to-use, professional graphic tool for downloading and ordering personalized marketing tools.
  • DAVELux, aka the future of real estate. This digital bidding service offers buyers the possibility to present their offer in a transparent manner, enabling timesaver for counsellors and sellers.